Spring planting safety

Spring planting season is a critical time when it comes to safety. Just like fall harvest, you may be putting in long hours during the rush to get things done. Set realistic goals and take the time to do them.

Josie Rudolphi is an extension specialist at the University of Illinois. She says before you begin fieldwork, it’s wise to re-orient yourself to the fields, the machinery, and the environment that you maybe haven’t been in for several months.

"Things we can easily forget about are overhead power lines in fields, or ditches and gullies and other types of field hazards. And, this is really important for those of you who may be hiring seasonal help and who are not super familiar with the fields like you are," says Rudolphi. "So, think about providing an overview of the field for your new employee or your seasonal employee."

We do all we can to prevent emergencies, but she says you need to be prepared just in case. This includes having a list of 911 addresses for all farms and fields in every vehicle.

"A lot of us have nicknames for our farms, but unfortunately not everybody in the community is familiar with those nicknames. So if there is an emergency, if we’re on, you know, the Shady Farm, I can run to a vehicle, I can find that list, I can call 911, and I can tell them our 911 address," she says. "That’ll just make getting emergency services much faster."

Include first aid kits and cell phone chargers in all vehicles - and get enough sleep. Rudolphi says not getting enough Zzzz’s can slow down response time, and cause difficulty with concentration, problem solving, and communication.

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