Steal Deals - 4WD Tractors

Four-wheel-drive tractors aren’t a machine that farmers use every day. They’re primarily for tillage and maybe to pull a grain cart, so they’re generally long-lived.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery and technology editor for Successful Farming magazine, and researches the price trends of machinery. Late-model 4WD tractors are selling at bargain-basement prices. However, at a recent auction Mowitz says 10-15-year-old tractors were bringing fairly decent prices, about $31,000-$39,000 each.

"So, I asked the auctioneer what was going on there, and after some pondering he basically revealed to me that we’re beginning to see strength in the 4WD market," he says. "We are seeing equipment sell briskly, but it’s mostly 20-30-year-old equipment that fits in the price range of farmer’s pockets these days considering the fact that commodity prices are so depressed at the current time."

Large late-model equipment has seen a free-fall in value over the last three-years, and Mowitz says prices are currently at what he calls the “three-dollar corn bottom.”

"The whole market has kind of settled out and reached bottom. We pretty much know right now that anything that’s large and late-model is going to be bringing about as good a price as you’re going to get," says Mowitz. "I wouldn’t hold my breath another year to see if you can get it cheaper."

A late-model 4WD tractor bought today will likely hold its value down the road.

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