Steal Deals - Draper Headers

This is a good time to look for a late-model draper header for the combine. It’s been the popular choice of header since about 2009, setting up a huge market for late-model years 2013 through 2016.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery and technology editor for Successful Farming magazine and has done some research on this trend. He says there is an ample supply. Deals can be had on heads of all sizes, especially on the 30', 35'-40' and 45' wide units. Mowitz priced out 40' draper headers from Case-IH, Deere, Gleaner, MacDon, Massey and New Holland.

"For example, the ones that we list in the pocket price guide, you will see prices ranging from about $55,000 almost up to $80,000," he says. "A lot of this price difference depends on how well they were equipped at the time, because there’s a lot of little accessories that come with the different draper headers."

Anytime you look at used equipment, do a general inspection to see how well it was maintained.

"Certainly, any bent metal, whether the sickle bar itself is fairly used. But particularly with draper headers, you want to look at that draper itself, the canvas, to see how worn it is. That’s a pretty good indication of how many acres it’s gone through," says Mowitz. "The situation with draper headers is they have a little bit more maintenance than what you have with an auger header because that draper is stretched across the full front of the header."

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