Steal Deals - High Horsepower Tractors

Over the last four-years or so, the machinery market has been saturated with late-model, high-horsepower front-wheel-drive tractors. Dealers offered lower prices and incentives and have been successful in reducing their inventory on the lot.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery and technology editor for Successful Farming magazine. He says this has pushed up asking prices 5%-15% for high horsepower tractors.

"What does this mean? Well, if you’re looking at an opportunity to upgrade your tractor on your farm, this means the tractor you own in this classification is worth more in trade-in," says Mowitz. "And dealers, after focusing on getting rid of used inventories of those large tractors, now want to sell new tractors so they’re offering a lot of incentives if you buy new."

It’s a mixed bag because if you want used, you’re going to pay more for a late-model high horsepower tractor than in the past four-years. However, Mowitz says this is still a good time to be looking the marketplace if you’re shopping for horsepower.

"Dealers, like I said before, both in selling new but also in used, are just looking to move machinery," he says. "They are looking to incentivize the purchase somehow, either by offering with a tractor certified pre-owned, if it qualifies for the program they’re offering, or other incentives to move out this machinery."

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