Steel deals - double drop deck trailers

Double drop deck trailers, also known as lowboy trailers, are great for transporting machinery and equipment from farm-to-farm. The well of the center deck dips below the trailer’s front and rear axles, which lowers the deck height to between 15 and 18 inches off the ground. These trailers also come with many features that allow for easy loading and extending the width carrying capacity.

Dave Mowitz is the executive machinery editor for Successful Farming Magazine and wrote an article about auction pricing of late-model double drop decks for the March issue. He says when you’re in the market for a used one, consider the features and how they’re equipped, but also pay attention to what their capacities are.

"For example, I had a Talbert trailer, it had a 35-ton capacity. Well there’s a Trail King, it has a 55-ton capacity. So, how they’re designed and their ability to be able to handle these loads are important," stresses Mowitz. "Look at what you’re going to transport before you buy a double drop deck."

These trailers are predominantly owned by construction firms, so you really need to look at them to see how they’ve been cared for.

"Look at their frames to see if they’ve been bent up. If you get a detachable gooseneck trailer, look at the mechanism that works in that. Walk around, and really look at what’s bent, what’s broken, what’s cracked, what’s worn," he says. "It’s crucial that you do that because that has a huge impact upon its value, and also maybe some problems that you’re getting into."