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Steel Deals - Late Model Planters

After 2014, sales of new planters took a nose dive. Since then, the market has worked through an abundance of late-model used planters sitting on dealer’s lots, and they aren’t being re-supplied. This means dealers aren’t offering much wiggle room on the price, but they do want iron off the lot.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery and technology editor for Successful Farming magazine. He says to never assume a pre-owned planter is operating precisely. When they wear, they do an inconsistent job doling out the seed so expect to spend additional money.

"To repair and upgrade the seed meters, and then other key components on the planter such as the parallel linkage arms, double disk openers, the packer wheels. All the moving parts can become worn, you need to look at those," says Mowitz. "A 2018 planter, likely you’re good to go but earlier planters you just always want to take a really good look at what’s going on."

Because of the low supply, he says prices on two-to-three-year old planters are close to the price of a new one. So, if you’re in the market for a new one, the time to buy is after the planting season.

"Manufacturers are offering really good deals on pre-ordering planters. They’ll do it by price, or by financing, or even by giving you a great trade-in value on your planter," he says. "So, if you don’t have time to get a new planter before this season’s done, certainly look at changing up planters after the season is finished."

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