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All late model used equipment except for tractors and combines is in tight supply due to lack of new equipment sales since 2014. And that includes planters. If you’re looking for a used late model 16-to-24 row planter, demand is driving up prices.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery editor for Successful Farming magazine. He says another factor is COVID-19. Manufacturers overseas and in the United States are not at full production and behind on new machinery manufacturing. Folks looking to buy new are instead looking at late model planters.

"I compared the values of current 16 and 24 row planters compared to a review of used planter availability of prices, I think that was 2018 that I did that review and definitely prices are up," says Mowitz. "I can’t give you a percentage amount but I’m guessing they’re up a good 20%, probably even 30% from what they were."

Because it’s more difficult to find late-model equipment, he advises all farmers and ranchers in the marketplace to get online and start doing some aggressive comparison shopping between new and used.

"You’ll discover what I’ve discovered. What is the supply? What are the prices that are out there? You’re going to start facing a little sticker shock," he says. "And then you have to ask yourself, wow, if a late model planter’s bringing that much money and the difference between that and new is not that much different if I can get new maybe I’ll just buy new instead. Also, they may not be able to get new and so they’ll have to be more aggressive."

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