Steel deals - planters

It may be time to upgrade your planter but good luck finding a good deal on a used one, especially 24 row planters. Over the last year anything late model with just a few acres on it was gobbled up. 

Dave Mowitz is the executive machinery editor for Successful Farming. He says an analysis of 24-row planters by Tractor Zoom shows this category saw the largest percentage leap in value.

"Of the most popular planters, the 24-row planter, their tendencies on the prices were about 10,15, to 20% higher last year. And you’re thinking, well, that’s what we’re headed into this winter. No, it’s just actually gone nuts," says Mowitz. "It’s gone up in some cases as much as 40% on late model used planters, especially if they have just one year on them or maybe two years."

So, what are prices looking like? You’d better sit down.

"If you’re looking at a John Deere 24-row 1775nt, that’s their most popular planter, a year to two years old, you’re going to be looking at $250,000 depending on how it’s equipped. But they’re pretty consistent in price," he says. "When I did the price analysis for this story that’s going to appear in the April issue of Successful Farming, Case IH same thing for their 2150. The Kinze 4900 at about $200,000 for their planter."

Mowitz says it’s not price gouging, it’s just the market right now. It may be best to recondition your own planter until machinery supplies become more stable and affordable in the next 2-3 years. At that point, it will become a buyer’s market.