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Steel Deals - Scissor Lift

When a ladder just doesn’t get you the height you need, try an electric scissors lift. These machines are common in warehouses and construction sites and farmers are finding they’re pretty handy on the farm, especially in the shop.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery executive editor for Successful Farming magazine. He talked with a couple of farmers about how they’re using scissors lifts in their operations.

"For example, when they’re working on their combines. They can reach up to the unload auger, or they can r each up to the engine platform, or if they’re working on a tractor they can get above the cab or around the cab," says Mowitz. "They also found out that it was a great way to lift items up to storage lofts that a lot of shops have."

Entry-level lifts have platform heights ranging from 20'-25' and moving around even with the lift extended is easy to do. Mowitz says it almost turns on a dime. However, you won’t find a lot of bells-and-whistles on these machines.

"They all come with deck extensions that will sometimes slide out 36” out the end of the platform. The platforms themselves will hold 2-3 people. The capacities on the platforms themselves can be 500-600 lbs. depending on the make and model," he says. "All of them had remote controls at the top of the lift so that you could drive it around. "

Mowitz says the marketplace is loaded with them and you can find a basic, used scissors lift for $5,000 or less.

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