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Around five-years ago, semi-trucks built before 2007 with pre-tier-4 engines were highly sought after by farmers. They would pay a premium for a used truck that was older and had higher miles so they didn’t have to deal with newer emissions equipment.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery and technology editor for Successful Farming magazine, and researches the price trends of machinery. He recently did a price comparison between 2007 and 2012 models, and noticed that the 2012’s are now bringing more money.

"There’s not been a price premium being a price premium being paid for 2007 pre-tier-4 trucks. And in fact, the marketplace has corrected itself, and it’s putting a value on trucks based more on their age and their miles," says Mowitz.

 Semi-trucks are very diverse in terms of features. So in addition to age and mileage, Mowitz says you need to hone in on your preferences.

"There are at least four common rear axle ratios on semi-trucks, and then there’s a lot of other additional features like a wet kit, a hydraulic system on a truck. Aluminum versus steel or a combination of both of those. There’s a wide variety of rear axle weight ratings," he says. "So, when you’re looking into a truck, you really need to examine and put together your list of what you want."

It’s also important to dig deep into a truck’s past before buying it. Start by getting the name of the seller or previous owner. Ask how it was maintained, how it was used, and why it’s being sold. 

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