Steel deals – Tracked 4WD tractors

Tracked four-wheel-drive tractors are the grand-poo-bah of horsepower. And also very expensive. Sales of these machines took a nosedive when commodity prices tanked in 2013.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery editor for Successful Farming magazine. He says the tracked four-wheel drives were once the exclusive domain of CaseIH and finding a used one was tough. However, this is turning around due to John Deere introducing their quadtrack models in 2016.

"And I think in some ways, farmers responded to that introduction by buying quite a few of the RX John Deere’s," says Mowitz. "As a result of that we’re having a small bit of a windfall of I wouldn’t say excess supplies of tracked 4WD’s, but there certainly are good supplies of 4WD’s out there. And, this has kind of modulated their price."

When better times come from strengthened commodity prices and an improvement in trade overseas, Mowitz predicts prices of these machines will go up.

"Number one, pent-up demand. Farmers will want new tractors and/or late model versions of these things. The other thing that’ll come into play is the fact that there’s so few used tractors around because the marketplace hasn’t necessarily been stocked up," he says. "And, if they can’t get them new, or can’t afford them new, they’re going to be looking at late-model used."

Mowitz says if you can afford it, now is the time to buy a late model used.

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