Steel Deals - Used Precision Equipment

Just because your machinery is a few years old doesn’t mean it can’t have precision equipment on it.

Dave Mowitz is the machinery and technology editor for Successful Farming magazine, and researches the price trends of machinery. He says a number of innovative people have discovered that used precision ag equipment has great resale ability.

"So why would you be interested in that? Well, it would be a great opportunity if you wanted to take like, an older sprayer, an older tractor, and update it so that you had like, RTK guidance, automatic guidance, for example," says Mowitz. "Or you wanted to do a better job controlling the sprayer or controlling the tractor in the field. And you can get into it at a very reasonable price."  

 For example, Mowitz found that a used John Deere 2600 display online runs from $2,200 up to $2,900. Used John Deere Starfire ITC receivers range in price from about $600 to $1,100.

The key is to know exactly what you’re buying.

"You need to plug it in, you need to see if the monitor works, for example. Touch screens can go out after 5-6 years. If it’s listed by a dealer, they should be able to tell you how old that equipment is," says Mowitz. "When you’re buying it, also make sure you get all the cables or you might have to buy the cables separately. Some of the units had activated software on them already, others didn’t, now you’re going to have to buy that activation."

Contact your dealer to see if used precision ag equipment will work on your specific machinery. 

Mowitz recommends as one source to find what you're looking for. 


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