Steel Deals - Used Precision Gear

Trading in used precision agricultural gear has been on the increase, meaning you can add this technology to your older machines at reduced prices. Dealers, live auctions, and websites are selling used precision equipment.

Dave Mowitz is the executive machinery editor for Successful Farming magazine. He says the display is the hot item, but because of a trend of selling components separately, you should always ask what else is included with the purchase.

"Is it just the display that you’re buying, or does that include the display and the receiver, and the cable, and the mountings? The other thing is, what activations come with that? Some of them you’ll notice online will come with activations," says Mowitz. "The important thing about activations, that’s actually the software or the web ware that makes the display work when it’s being used for guidance."

Buying an activation separately can cost as much – if not more – than the display. Mowitz says another consideration is noting how old the display is.

"This is a must when it comes to touch screens because often, touch screens won’t last more than 5 or 6 years. So, if you get an older display, you may discover that the touch screen’s gone," he says. "If they’re 5, 6 years old, maybe older than that, you may have to replace the touch screen itself on the unit."

If that information isn’t available, get the device’s serial number and contact the manufacturer for a build date. Try to purchase a unit in its original box with the owner’s manual, and don’t expect a display or receiver to be covered by warranty.

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