Steel Deals: used sprayers

High-ticket machinery is still setting auction records and that includes self-propelled sprayers as well.

Dave Mowitz is the executive machinery editor for Successful Farming magazine. In this month’s issue, he has a price analysis of John Deere models based on age. He says the bargains are gone. However, you can find sprayers out there at what would be considered a reasonable rate today – not a reasonable rate two years ago.  

"Our good friends at Tractor Zoom, they have an analysis service that they run called “iron comps." The guy who runs iron comps did an analysis, too, in the same issue, and he showed the price spike that took place on sprayer supplies. You can be spending close to like-new prices on sprayers," says Mowitz. "But, you know, $350,000 to $400,000 right now for a one-year-old machine or two-year-old machine, that’s reasonable."

Arm yourself with as much price information as possible before heading to an auction or dealer’s lot. If you really want a new sprayer, Mowitz recommends placing an order with your dealer *today*. Maybe you’ll get it by spring. 

What’s the alternative? Update the old one and make it last for another year.

"Unlike a combine, a sprayer doesn’t have a lot of moving parts, after all. It has an engine that oftentimes has the hydrostatic or gear transmission final drive, pump, and booms and nozzles. So, maybe what you do is you replace all the nozzles. You go through and check the engine. You check the transmission," says Mowitz. "Get it through another year. And then, put your order in."

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