Tire Pressure On The Go

Reduce soil compaction, be more comfortable in the tractor cab, increase the longevity of your machinery, save fuel, and save money. All of those things are tied to the proper tire pressure for the task at hand. But unfortunately, you’re often stuck with one pressure all the time. And getting on-and-off the tractor to change pressures between the field and the road is a real pain.

Sally Brodbeck is the owner of Precision Inflation in West Des Moines, Iowa. She says if you can change pressures on the go from the cab with a central inflation system, you change the dynamics of how the equipment functions.

"You can change the performance of a big planter even on the back of a track tractor. And you can make that track tractor work hard and pull it like a boat anchor by having high pressures in the planter and sinking them down into the soil, and then you could drop those pressures down and they pop right back up on top of the soil and it’s like walking on snow shoes," says Brodbeck. "They’re up on top of the soil and they don’t pull as hard. So, it affects everything."

The system consists of a hydraulic-controlled compressor and a control box in the cab. Brodbeck says the control box is preset with road pressure and field pressure recommended by the tire industry.

"And, control up to three axles or three pressure zones at one time," she says. "We usually start with the rear axle because that’s usually where most of the weight transfer occurs, then we can add the front axle of the tractor, and then often times an implement like a planter or something like that."

Another benefit of the system is if there is a hole or puncture in a tire, the lower pressure will show up repeatedly on that axle, alerting the bad tire.