Tractor Cab Comfort

Gone are the days of your grandpa’s tractor with the bouncy, hard metal seat. Manufacturers are always updating machinery to handle the latest technology. But they’re also listening to consumers who want tractor cabs with more creature comforts to make a long day in the field or doing chores easier on the mind and body.

Doug Felter is a factory marketing manager with John Deere. He says their 6M mid-size tractor cabs are getting a significant makeover in 2020 for comfort and capability.

"If we start with the 6M, we’ve got new levels of capability in the cab. A mini command arm that keeps some transmission controls closer, a reverser on the joystick. A lot of those tractors have loaders on them, so being able to reverse is paramount. Cab suspension in that machine and an electronic SCV," says Felter. "Just a number of features that can make that overall operation more comfortable."

The larger, all-new 7-and 8-series family of row crop tractors are built with Deere’s biggest cab ever. He says you might feel like you’re riding in the car.

"It’s larger so you have more headroom, you also have about a 24% wider entry to get in and out of the cab. We’ve arranged a lot of the storage around that and brought a lot of automotive inspiration with that," he says. "So, you’re going to find wipers and headlights and adjustments like your car, you’re going to find a touchscreen radio in the top cab package with smartphone integration, a heated ventilated seat that even offers massage for those long days coupled with a lot of seat swivel to keep an eye on the job as well."

Even the fridge is larger in this machine to keep plenty of snacks on hand and beverages cold.

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