Well Watch 700

Having enough water to raise crops is obviously a big deal. Farmers who irrigate their fields need to know the production rate of their wells. Information such as how fast the water can be pulled out and how quickly water recharges into the well dictates which well can be used and for how long. 

Traditional water level sensors work with a transducer, or tape that is lowered into the well. A new sonic sensor doesn’t have to be put into the well to get the same data.

Rachel Bean is the sales manager of Eno Scientific, which has developed “Well Watch 700”, a sensor that measures the water level within the well down to 7,000 feet.

"We take a low frequency soundwave, and we push that soundwave into the well," she says.  "The soundwave will reflect off the water level and come back up and we do a time distance measurement basically on the reflection to tell you where your water levels are."

The sensor mounts on the outside of the well and getting the data is simple.

"There is an LCD display on the front of the sensor so you can look at it real time. You can store the data anywhere from every second to every 24-hours. It can store it locally, inside the unit it has an SD card and they can download that with a USB cable or they can just pop the SD card out and put it in their computer," says Bean. "Or, we have remote telemetry units available so if they want to be able to send it up to the cloud, we can do that too."

The Well Watch 700 was selected as one of the ten best new products at the 2018 World Ag Expo. The cost per unit is $2,100.