Winter Emergency Kit

Some of my fondest memories of childhood were when a fierce winter storm knocked out power and the roads were closed for days. But when you’re impacted by winter weather it’s always a good idea to be prepared with an emergency kit.

Ashley Mueller is an Extension disaster education coordinator at the University of Nebraska. She says your kit should include enough supplies to get you and your family through three days.

"So of course water and food very important. Water, the recommended amount is about a gallon per person for at least three days, but additional water is always suggested," says Mueller. "Food, non-perishable items, and a non-electric can opener. And then other supplies would include a flashlight, radio, cell phone charger that maybe has a battery back-up."

Also toss in hand sanitizer, paper towels, plastic bags, and plastic ties for personal sanitation if water supplies are limited. Put everything in a sturdy storage container with a lid.

Mueller recommends having a kit for your pets with food, water, and other things to keep them comfortable.

"I know sometimes storms can cause stress not only for people, but for our furry and four-legged friends as well, so things that might make them more comfortable such as a special toy, or even some treats so that you can focus on weathering it out rather than being stressed," she says.

Make another emergency kit just for “stress-relief”. Throw in a deck of cards, puzzles, games, and other family entertainment that will keep your mind off of what’s going on outside.