Xarvio Scouting App

A new smartphone tool called the Xarvio Scouting App can help growers and agronomists improve speed and accuracy of identifying threats in the field. Early in the growing season, take a picture about five-to-eight-inches above the plant, and the app will instantly identify it as a specific weed, or a disease on the plant.

David Gray is the Xarvio commercial and business development manager. He says the image recognition is powered by algorithms that have been trained by feeding thousands of images they’ve collected out in the field of early-stage weeds.

"All of these images are fed into a database and then the machine learning software reviews each and every one of them, and looks for the very small features that differentiate the different weeds and it trains itself," says Gray. "And the more images that it reviews, the smarter it gets and the more accurate it gets, and it’s continually self-improving and self-refining."

The app tells you what the weed or disease is, and also allows you to save the information for future reference.

"It does log your location and when you do collect images of weeds or leaf diseases that are present in the field, it creates a scouting trip and then you can save it and go back and see where in the field you saw those and on what date," he says. "So, it is a full-service scouting app in that regard."

Gray says the app currently recognizes ten different leaf diseases in corn and soybeans and 10 prominent weeds with plans to expand to 80 weeds. If the app doesn’t recognize a weed, it will provide 2 or 3 of the most likely weeds for the user to select.

Learn more about the Xarvio app and download it here

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