Xtendflex soybeans

Soybean growers wanting more options to manage weeds now have another weapon in their war chest. XtendFlex soybeans will tolerate over-the-top applications of three herbicides: glyphosate, dicamba and glufosinate. This next-generation weed control platform has cleared the last major hurdle for approval and is ready for the 2021 planting season.

Andrew Penney is a technical agronomist with Dekalb Asgrow. He says the new genetics adding glufosinate tolerance is perfect timing for producers.

"There’s certain products we’ve relied on in the past that contain active ingredients like fomesafen when making our post-applications. But many people are really starting to see those herbicides become less effective. And so, I think the XtendFlex beans are going to be a real good option for growers because it’s kind of the perfect time," says Penney. "Growers want more options to manage those weeds."

Keep in mind, Mother Nature has a tendency to throw a wrench at new efforts to wrangle weeds so use glufosinate responsibly.   

"Right now, we don’t see any resistance to some of our common weeds that we consistently deal with resistance to PPO’s, our group 14’s and other herbicides. We’re not seeing that with glufosinate," he says. "But again, I think it’s one of those things too where just like other herbicides, we always recommend going out and spraying those weeds when they’re 3”-5” tall and not 12” tall. And so, this can help maintain the efficacy of this product and reduce the chance for resistance in the future."

He says they will have 47 products available for 2021 across all maturity groups ranging from zero-to-seven.

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