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Myths And Truths About Coyotes

Is it a “kiy-o-tee” or a “kiy-ote”? Call them what you want, but these wild canines can cause a lot of trouble on your property.

Feeding Moldy Hay

Some of your hay is going to have mold in it. The decision of whether or not to feed moldy hay to your livestock is a tough one.

Genetics And Cattle Water Intake

You may soon be able to select cattle that drink less, but still do well in drought or heat stress. Researchers are working on the genetics of water intake.

Steel Deals - Semi Trucks

In the market for a used semi-truck? Knowing exactly what you want and how much others have paid for it will give you a leg up at the bargaining table.

Feeding Soybeans To Cattle

Soybean farmers having trouble selling their crop should consider feeding them to beef cattle. In small amounts, soybeans are a good source of protein.

Staying Safe Around Bulls

Bulls are dangerous and can quickly become aggressive. Reading their behavior and knowing how to react can save you from injury.

Crop Rotation Reduces Gas

You can’t see it, but greenhouse gasses might be wafting from your fields. Rotate your crops so they don’t have gas.

Chicken Theater

The desire for transparency is giving farm visitors front row seats to the poultry industry. Peek in on this first-of-its-kind chicken house.