Successful Farming Radio

The Successful Farming Radio Podcast is an internet version of the Successful Farming Radio Show.

Watch Out For Power Lines

Electricity keeps the farm humming but if the wires come down, safety is your first concern. Stay away from them and keep your feet together.

Supplemental Nutrition For Piglets

A sow that gives birth to a large litter may not be able to feed all of them. Giving the small ones supplemental nutrition can improve the survival rate.

RetaiN Test Kits

Reducing nitrate loss through tile lines is a goal for landowners. A simple water testing kit puts the power of data in their own hands.

Tire Tips

Agricultural tires take a beating. Keeping up with regular inspections and making sure the tires are in good condition will help them last longer.

Smart Farming

Consumers understand smart phones and smart cars. This Ohio family is using technology for smart farming practices.

Science Matters

Our kids need the right tools to deepen their understanding of science. Learn how one national company is inspiring tomorrow’s science leaders.

How To Set Grazing Stocking Rates

Setting a stocking rate is one of the most important decisions that ranchers and land managers make. It affects the health of the land and the animals.