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Integrated weed management

You can’t kill weeds with one big chemical hammer. The more strategies you have, if one fails, you still have other little hammers pounding away.

Soybean seeding rates

Soybean seeding rates can be reduced without significantly impacting yield. Cut the number of seeds per acre, and save money too.

Developing a weed battle plan

This is a good time to think about your weed control strategy. If you had weeds still standing this year, develop a plan for next year.

Steel deals - disc rippers

Disc rippers are a mainstay of fall tillage. If you’re looking for a used one, you might have to really search because they’re in short supply.

Crop Rotation Reduces Gas

You can’t see it, but greenhouse gasses might be wafting from your fields. Rotate your crops so they don’t have gas.

Soybean row spacing

What is the best row spacing when planting soybeans, wide or narrow? It depends on planting equipment and where you are.

Machinery Noise And Vibration

Touch your machinery engines and listen to them. Paying attention to noise, vibration and harshness can help you determine engine condition.

The Color Of Soil

Look at the color of the soil on your land. Color gives you clues to organic and mineral content, and even environmental conditions.