Successful Farming Radio

The Successful Farming Radio Podcast is an internet version of the Successful Farming Radio Show. See the full list of stations where the Successful Farming radio program airs here.

Soil My Undies

If you want to know how healthy your soil is, bury your cotton underpants and see what happens to them. I’m not kidding.

Grain Bin Safety Tips

Stay out of the grain bins while grain is being loaded or unloaded. Like quicksand, flowing grain can cover a person in seconds.

Keep Wild Fish Out Of The Pond

Fish that are stocked in farm ponds should come from a reputable source. If you transfer wild fish to your pond, you're risking disease and other problems.

Artifact Hunting On Your Land

Native Americans left behind stone tools and other artifacts that have stood the test of time. Search your land – you may be surprised at what you find.

The Corn Maze Wave

The popularity of a football game tradition has found its way to a corn field. “Waves of grain” has new meaning in an Iowa corn maze.

Gravity Flow Wagon Safety

During harvest season, keep your kids off the gravity flow wagon. It’s full of grain that can tragically suck them down in seconds.

The Drought-Resilient Farm

When Mother Nature hands you a drought, fight back. A Kansas farmer and author spells out ways to have a drought-resilient farm.

First Calf Heifer Care

Calves that die at or soon after birth are often due to calving difficulty. Avoid problems by taking care of heifers before calving.

Steal Deals - Draper Headers

If you’re using an auger platform on the combine and want to upgrade, now is the time to visit your dealer and ask about a deal on a draper header.

Checking Yield Monitors

Before you start harvest, take the time to check sensors and yield monitors. Accurate yield data requires accurate calibration.