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How to confirm herbicide resistance

Weeds will do anything to stay rooted in your field. If they’re still alive at the end of the growing season, here’s how you can confirm herbicide resistance.

Soybean maturity selection

Reduce your risk during the soybean growing season and at harvest time by choosing different maturity levels. This can also help increase yields.

Reclaiming the acreage

A new tractor is changing the life of a Florida woman. By winning our sweepstakes contest, she’s reclaiming her land

Train Track Safety

Farmers haul big equipment over train tracks every day, but sometimes they lose focus and forget about the train. Stay safe at railroad crossings.

Concussions On The Farm

Football isn’t the only way to get a concussion, farmers are at a high risk of concussions as well. Learn why and how to prevent it.

SCN favorite soil types

Soybean cyst nematode is devastating to soybean crops. It’s even worse if your soil type fits the pest’s favorite place to reproduce.

How Many Cattle Equal Profit

Thinking about expanding your mid-sized cattle operation? At some point, you will have to ask yourself when enough cows are enough cows.

Silo Gas Dangers

After you’ve filled the silo, stay out of it for a few weeks. The silage fermentation process builds gasses that are hazardous to your health.