Successful Farming Radio

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Feeding Newly-Weaned Calves

Properly weaning calves is critical for growth. It’s the job of the producer to make the transition from mom-to-feed-bunk as smooth as possible.

Steal Deals - Combines

Harvest is just weeks away and maybe you’re in the market for a late-model combine. It’s a buyer’s market on used machines.

Culling The Cattle Herd

Deciding on which cattle to cull and which ones to keep impacts future herd performance and profitability. There are many factors in that decision.

Retrofitting The Planter

Planter parts wear out and technology changes. You could trade your planter, or save money by upgrading what you already own.

Watering Trees In Late Summer

If the rain has been sparse this summer, give your trees a drink. Fruit and shade trees are forming buds now for next year’s growth.

Food Plots For Wildlife

: Providing a food plot for wildlife will help them through the winter. You don’t have to plant anything special, make the most of what’s already there.

West Nile Virus

The chance of mosquitoes transmitting West Nile virus goes up this time of year. A Nebraska entomologist knows about it first-hand.