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Essential Oils For Chickens

Could essential oils be a replacement for growth-promoting antibiotics in chickens? A 16-year old in Texas wanted to find out.

Rising Interest Rates

Rising interest rates will make farmers more conscious of spending and profit margins. Shop around for the best rates and prepare a strategy.

Farm Profitability In 90 Days

Need a gift for the farmer who has everything or one that’s going through a tough time? A book on squeezing out extra profitability keeps on giving.

Aphids And AC/DC

Rocking out to the same music day-in-and-day out would bother most people. A university study shows aphid predators aren’t wild about it, either.

Finding A Farm Loan

Being turned down for a farm loan isn’t always personal. Sometimes the bank just can’t do it right now. It pays to shop around.

Gasoline Blends

The fuel you buy at a west coast gas pump is probably different than in the Midwest. There’s regular gas, ethanol blends, and even boutique gasoline.

Assessing Timberland Value

Trees are valued for function and beauty, but they might also be worth some money. Have them appraised to find their true value.

Raising Fly Feathers

Most people raise poultry for the eggs or meat, but a Colorado man is strictly in the feather business.

Myths And Truths About Coyotes

Is it a “kiy-o-tee” or a “kiy-ote”? Call them what you want, but these wild canines can cause a lot of trouble on your property.

Feeding Moldy Hay

Some of your hay is going to have mold in it. The decision of whether or not to feed moldy hay to your livestock is a tough one.