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Jump on winter annual weeds

Get rid of winter annual weeds with a fall herbicide application. It’s a bit of insurance against a possible weed explosion in the spring.

Gravity Flow Wagon Safety

During harvest season, keep your kids off the gravity flow wagon. It’s full of grain that can tragically suck them down in seconds.

The Drought-Resilient Farm

When Mother Nature hands you a drought, fight back. A Kansas farmer and author spells out ways to have a drought-resilient farm.

Heat stress-resilient soybeans

High daytime temperatures can harm soybean grain quality and yield. Researchers are working on developing a soybean that can take the heat.

Earn Income From Hunters

Generate extra income by renting out your woodland and grassy areas to hunters. Read on for some tips on how to set this up.

First Calf Heifer Care

Calves that die at or soon after birth are often due to calving difficulty. Avoid problems by taking care of heifers before calving.