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Why Dogs Eat Strange Things

Missing a sock? Maybe the dog ate it. Dogs eat some strange things and if yours is munching its way through the laundry, find out why.

Farming Mushrooms

Gourmet mushrooms are a high-value crop that take a lot of know-how to grow. Here's how a commercial mushroom farm makes it all work.

Controlling Wind Erosion

The finest particles of soil are where the nutrients are held. If you have soil that blows in the wind, you're losing productivity.

Consumer Meat Trends

Pork consumption is increasing among consumers, but they’d eat even more if they knew how to cook it. Follow the latest consumer meat trends.

Gut Health In Pigs

There are many variables in hog production and performance. But the way to a pig’s healthy life may be through the bugs in its gut.

Cooking Sweet Corn

Corn on the cob is a staple food in my house during the summer. We slather it with butter and a bit of salt, and devour every kernel. I usually cook mine by boiling it. Fill a pan with enough water to cover the corn, and bring it to a boil. If it’s fresh corn, 3-to-5-minutes should do it. If it’s a few days old, it might take up to eight-minutes.

Avoiding Heat Exhaustion

As you’re working outside in the sun, don’t get overheated. If you feel yourself getting too hot, remember three words: water, rest, and shade.

Historical Women In Ag

One woman’s question of “who is growing my food” became a quest to document the forgotten history of women in agriculture.