Successful Farming Radio

The Successful Farming Radio Podcast is an internet version of the Successful Farming Radio Show. See the full list of stations where the Successful Farming radio program airs here.

Freeze Branding

Freeze branding is a low stress way to add permanent identification to cattle with minimal damage to the hide. Stay tuned for tips.

Choosing The Right Gate Weight

Shopping for the right gate gets confusing when you compare gauges. Choosing a gate by weight rather than gauge gives you a clearer picture of strength.

Truffle Farming

One of the most prized crops grows underground. Truffles have jaw-dropping profit potential and can be grown almost anywhere.

Soybean Dry Down

Soybean farmers are itching to get the combines rolling. But there is a difference between physiological maturity and when the beans are ready for harvest.

Nutrition For Weaned Calves

The right nutrition for weaned calves will help ensure good performance and health. Quality protein, forage, and water should be in their daily diet.

Earn Income From Hunters

Generate extra income by renting out your woodland and grassy areas to hunters. Read on for some tips on how to set this up.

Soil My Undies

If you want to know how healthy your soil is, bury your cotton underpants and see what happens to them. I’m not kidding.

Grain Bin Safety Tips

Stay out of the grain bins while grain is being loaded or unloaded. Like quicksand, flowing grain can cover a person in seconds.