It can be difficult to develop a harvest maintenance checklist. Andrew Frankenfield has some tips on where to start.
Jane Marshall’s knack for putting together triangles and squares into beautiful quilt patterns is only trumped by her ability to piece together people, resources, and opportunities in her community. Natalina Bausch talks with Jane about her childhood and her involvement in the community.
Cindy Southern Marion’s family farm near Dobson, North Carolina was built on a foundation of cattle, tobacco, and music. Her three children all work professionally around the country as musicians and songwriters, but the pandemic brought them home, and together, the family is paving a new path for the century farm.
A South Dakota banker can relate to the issues his agricultural customers go through. Bruce Haerter has converted hundreds of his acres in the name of conservation.
Farmers and ranchers can become leaders in mitigating climate change. Farmers and scientists working together will help create new solutions.
Lilacs are hardy bushes, but they do have their enemies. Bacterial blight and powdery mildew are two common diseases that you should learn to spot.

Drainage tile that isn’t taking excess water from the field might be clogged. Check to see if ingrown or dead plant roots are the culprit.