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Reman Rubber Track Program Expands

Demand for a program that remanufactures rubber tracks and wheels has grown to the point that the company offering that service is expanding production, it announced during the National Farm Machinery Show.

A year ago, Camso launched a certified remanufactured plan to provide an affordable way to replace worn track components. “On average, farmers can save 40% remanufacturing their tracks and wheels compared with buying new components,” points out Martin Lunkenbein of Camso ( “When customers participate in our program, Camso takes their old tracks and puts new tread bars on the carcass, remanufacturing the used tracks and giving them new life.”

Farmers can also order remanufactured products from the company’s inventory via their local Camso dealer.

The reman effort began as a pilot program the summer of 2017, during which Camso monitored the performance of its remanufactured products. “Since the end of 2017, we received additional validation from users in Kansas and Texas,” Lunkenbein adds. “Results were positive. Tread bars of the remanufactured tracks showed the same adhesion and performance as new tracks.”

Reman tracks using original Camso materials are available for all friction-drive tractors (18- to 36-inch track widths) and their reman midroller wheels.

“Now if farmers want to buy new tracks, we will buy their old tracks and provide a $1,000 credit toward the new purchase,” Lunkenbein points out. 

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