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Resolved to be Unresolved

Seeing Resolutions in a Different Light

As the sun sets on another year, the list of resolution promises in my news feed has continued to rise. It’s a grand idea that gets grand attention come January 1 year in and year out. The CliffsNotes version of Merriam-Webster’s definition of resolution is a combination of solving, determining, and simplifying. I have enough faith left in humanity to believe that some people actually follow through on their resolutions . . . I’ve just never been one of them.

Having lived long enough on this planet – and this farm – I know that the best-laid plans never lay quite as long or still or straight as I plan them to. Good intentions go bad. Great crops get lost. In short, life happens. So maybe the best thing I can do (and you, if you choose) is to resolve to roll with the punches this year. Make the best decisions we can based on the circumstances surrounding us. Treat others and ourselves kindly. Realize and rest on the fact that some things are out of our control and take control of the things we can.

In and of themselves, resolutions can be an awesome way to set and achieve goals that are necessary to achieve life dreams and aspirations. But if we set goals too high or attempt to reach too many at one time, we run the risk of never seeing any of them met for fear of constant failure. Maybe the best resolution we can make is to give ourselves grace for not meeting all of the expectations put on us by this world – and ourselves. Some days just getting out of bed, putting on our boots (or heels), and tackling whatever comes at us the best we can, is the most resourceful thing we can do. Maybe it’s time to let the strength it takes to make it one more day be the resolve we need to make it one more year. That’s why this year I’m resolved to be unresolved. There’s room at the table for anyone who would like to join me.


Hi! I’m Meredith, a perfectly imperfect farm wife and mama to two who is obsessed with boots, my hay rake, and ice cream. Grace and strong coffee save me daily, along with the therapy I get from laughing (mostly at myself), writing, and taking photos. I’m excited to share more of my story with you through the Women in Ag Project, and I look forward to hearing more of yours ! Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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