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Successful Farming Television: Magnetic Drill, Heated Garments

Product Test Team, Low-Hour Used Tractor Prices, Farmers Markets (Episode #1105)

You won’t want to miss this episode of Successful Farming!

The Product Test Team evaluates the Evolution Magnetic Drill, and Milwaukees line of heated garments. Find out how these products worked in real-farm conditions before you buy.

Dave visits a recent auction to follow the bidding on a Case IH Magnum 225 tractor. Have used machinery prices started to climb?

On Ageless Iron, Dave visits Grimnnell, Iowa, to see a Ford Commander 6000 that’s still in its working clothes.

Ageless Iron: Ford Commander 6000

Finally, Rob talks about a recent visit to the local Farmers Market, and 
wonders if production agriculture can learn anything from the local food 

Shark Farmer TV: Farmers Markets

Show 1105, originally aired December 14, 2017

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