10 Global Gleanings

  • Export competitors

    Export competitors
    Last year, Brazil exported 45.2 million tons of soybeans.

  • China

    International customers
    China is the U.S.’s largest customer of soybeans and fifth largest customer of corn.

  • How much we spend on food

    Did you know how much the U.S. spends on food (as a percentage of household expenditures) compared to other countries?

    Source: USDA Economic Research Service

  • Canada

    Export competitors
    Worldwide, Canada is the second largest exporter of cattle.

  • Japan

    International customers
    Japan is our #1 beef and pork customer and our #2 corn customer.

  • Pass the goat, please

    Pass the goat, please
    Worldwide, more people eat goat meat and dairy products than the meat and dairy products of any other animal.

    Source: University of Georgia Cooperative Extension

  • Export income

    31% of U.S. gross farm income comes directly from exports.

    Source: American Farm Bureau

  • Bon appétit

    Bon appétit
    In 1789, it took almost the entire daily wage of an unskilled worker to buy two loaves of bread, enough to feed a family of four. Today, it takes a Parisian about 15 minutes working at minimum wage to do the same.

    Source: IEEE Spectrum

  • Beefing Up

    Beefing up
    Brazil’s beef exports rose tenfold in a single decade (from 1996 to 2006) and continue to rise.

    Source: IEEE Spectrum

  • Australia

    Export competitors
    Australia is the world’s fifth largest exporter of wheat.

10 facts you need to know about international agriculture.

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