Ag Week Connections

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    Connecting with consumers is a hot topic during this National Agriculture Week, March 14-20. Now there’s an organized group of farm women staging conversations about food in the food aisles of grocery stores in five states. The initiative is called CommonGround.

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    Left to right, Iowa CommonGround spokespersons Sara Ross, Jill Vander Veen, and Suzanne Shirbroun greet shoppers at the West Lakes Hy-Vee in West Des Moines, Iowa. Instead of scanning their shopping lists, they’re scanning the faces of shoppers to engage them in conversations about food production, food safety, and farm life.

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    A total of 15 farm women in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Indiana, and Kentucky are participating.

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    The pilot outreach is a project of the National Corn Growers and United Soybean Board. The women at Hy-Vee gave away recyclable grocery bags, and encouraged shoppers to sign up for a drawing of gift cards, cookbooks, and a grand prize including flowers, chocolate and a space certificate.

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    Mindy Williamson, Iowa Corn Growers, and CommonGround spokesperson Sara Ross visits with Stephanie French and Lillian French of Clive, Iowa.

See how one farm group is connecting with food consumers.

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