Worrying weather & chatting costs

  • 01

    Though clouds and lower temperatures have rolled in to parts of corn and soybean country, this week's been one driven by weather. Hot, dry conditions are dragging on crop conditions, USDA said this week.

  • 03

    Weed control isn't the only problem that can arise at this point in the growing season. Poor root development can be a big problem, especially when the plants are around the V3 developmental stage.

  • 04

    The wheat world has had a big week, with winter wheat harvest making its way into Kansas, where farmers are finding extremely variable conditions and yields. But, records are being broken; some farmers say they've never cut wheat this early in the year.

  • 06

    The costs associated with the fuels sector helped drive farm machinery costs up by around 15% in the last 2 years, another report out this week shows. Fuel & labor costs were the main bullish drivers, while interest rates helped trim the gains.

  • 07

    And, there was another sign of the cost of farmland continuing to surge. But, unlike the other latest reports from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, this latest version shows some signs that land values could be cooling in the next year. What's your take?

  • 08

    Grain prices have their own 'crisis of confidence' going on this summer, too. Driven by some bearish outside factors, there's some downward pressure on the grains these days. What are the key things to watch? And, what's the best strategy for marketing grain in this environment?

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    Hey, don't forget about Dad! Father's day is a little over a couple weeks away. Have you shopped for Dad? Or, if you're the Dad yourself, have you dropped all the hints you need to drop? If not, here are a few ideas for gift inspirations for your Pops!

Hot, dry weather's effects on crop conditions and where grain prices & input costs are headed are big topics in ag this week.

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