Tool Gift Ideas-Machinery Show Season 9 Christmas Special

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    With Christmas coming up, shopping lists are needed! Not sure where to start? Dave Mowitz has the perfect gift guide full of handy and innovative tools. 

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    Craftsman Extreme Grip 10-inch Locking Adjustable Wrench

    Craftsman’s Extreme Grip tool line includes this combination of a locking device paired to an adjustable tool. The tool two times the gripping power on rounded fasteners compared with standard adjustable wrenches. Retails for $39.99.

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    Craftsman Ball Handle Drivers

    The unique handle end of the Craftsman’s Ball Handle Screwdrivers provides a stronger working grips that generates as much as twice the torque to loosen fasteners. The handle features a 4-inch cushioned ball grip and heat-treated 5-inch-long alloy magnetized steel bits (in slotted of Phillips versions). Retails for $9.99.

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    Milwaukee M18 FUEL Braking Grinder

    The wheels on Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel cordless tool come to a complete stop in under 2 seconds after its trigger is released. The grinder also features a brushless motor, metal housing, a metal gearing system for long life, and an 8,500 rpm operating speed. Available for $449 to $527. 

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    Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer

    The Jobsite Organizer from Milwaukee Tool offers 10 removable storage boxes that are held securely in place when the lid is closed. And a rubber seal around the edge of the lid keeps dust and moisture out. A single unit retails as low as $20.

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    Rockwell 20V MaxLithium Brushless Impact Wrench

    Weighing just 3.3 pounds, Rockwell’s Brushless 1/2-inch Impact Wrench turns out big tool power at 220 foot-pounds of torque. Features include three speed settings, an LED work light, and a battery-powered level gauge. The RK2855K2 retails for $259. 

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    OTC Drain Plug Pro Tool Kit

    The Drain Plug PRO Tool Kit offers 3 attachments for automotive drain plugs and a socket for driving bits. To use, you pre-loosen drain plugs using your standard wrench, then attach the strong magnetic attachment and turn to remove. The plug swings away from the hot oil stream - preventing splash and splatter. Available for $27.85.

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    WORX Clamping Saw Horses

    Looks can be deceiving in regards to WORX’s Clamping Saw Horse. They are lightweight, weighing just 15 pounds and are easily folded for storage. Each saw horse has a 1,000-pound support capacity. The saw horse includes a clamp which an 18 inch spread capacity. Retails for $69.99. 

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    Ridgid 18V Flexible Worklight 

    The neck on Ridgid’s 18V Flexible Worklight can be wrapped around structures bringing illumination where it’s most needed. The light also has a dual-model function that allows it to change from ambient (or diffused light) into a spotlight. Available for $29.97.

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    Ridgid GEN5X 18 LED Flashlight

    Ridgid’s GEN5X LED Torch Flashlight also operates an 18-volt battery delivering 100 lumens of LED with over 40 hours of run-time. Features include a swiveling head and belt clip. Available for $19.97 including lifetime coverage and free batteries for life. 

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    Miller Weld-Mask Auto-Darkening Goggles 

    Usable for gas welding and cutting as well as light-duty MIG, TIG, and stick welding, Miller’s unique Weld-Mask features auto-darkening goggles and an extreme low-profile design that allows welders to work in tight spaces. Available for $247.

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    Miller LPR-100 Mask

    The LPR-100 half mask respirator fits nicely under the Weld-Mask or any other welding helmut thanks to its low profile. The mask features a new wrap-around spark guard protects filters from spatter and provides for 99.97% filtration of airborne particles, metal fumes and mists. Available for $28.26. 

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    DeWalt Tool Set

    DeWalt’s devotion for manufacturing high-quality power tools is extended to hand tools with the introduction of three mechanic tool sets. Offered in a variety of sets, the tools in each set feature newly designed sockets, ratchets, drivers and wrenches. Prices for the sets range from $99 to $160. 

Originally aired November 26, 2015

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