Top Shops: Best Shop Design Winner Ep. 906

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    Top Shops: Lance Rezac Shop Onaga, Kansas
    We feature the Best Shop Design Winner in the Top Shops Contest with this custom built shop from Onaga, Kansas, which features many workstations for maximum productivity. Machinery Show 906

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    Engineman: Filter Inspection
    SF Engineman, Ray Bohacz shows off some great tips to check oil filters. Machinery Show 906

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    Steel Deals: John Deere 9560 RT
    Dave Mowitz travels to a Ritchie Bros. auction in search of a John Deere 9560 RT. Machinery Show 906

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    All Around the Farm: Hay Merger
    Phillip Raak of Jasper, Minnesota shows his innovative hay merger for forage harvesting. Machinery Show 906

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    Ageless Iron: 1456 International Demonstrator
    Dave Mowtiz travels to Dixon, Iowa to see a rare 1456 Gold International Demonstrator. Machinery Show 906

Originally aired January 21, 2016

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