7 Fast Facts About Ag

  • Rise of the robots

    Rise of the robots
    More than 25,000 field or agriculture robots will be sold by 2015 – about the same as robots for military use.

    Source: International Federation of Robotics

  • Female farmers

    Female farmers
    Women head up more than 1 million U.S. farms, which is roughly 30%.

    Source: Monsanto

  • Weather proverb

    Weather proverb
    If a turkey’s feathers are very thick at Thanksgiving, expect a hard winter.

    Source: George D. Freier, Weather Proverbs

  • More milk

    A typical dairy cow in the U.S. gives more than four times as much milk as its counterpart did in 1950.

    Source: IEEE Spectrum

  • Cover crops

    Cover crops may reduce nutrient and pesticide runoff by 50% or more.

    Source: Ohio State University

  • Rural retirement

    Rural retirement
    39% of baby boomers would like to move to a rural community when they retire.

    Source: Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Baby Boomers Survey

  • Smartphone

    1 in 5 farmers own both a smartphone and a tablet.

    Source: Successful Farming Research Panel

Learn eight fast facts about agriculture and technology.

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