13 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas

  • 13 Tech Christmas Gift Ideas

    Stay on top of the latest technology this Christmas with these gift ideas from Laurie Bedord. These 13 gift ideas are sure to fit the techie in your family.

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  • Sprocket Smartphone Printer

    The Sprocket, introduced by HP, is a compact, pocket-sized printer that can instantly print 2- x 3-inch photos from your smartphone or tablet. Open the Sprocket app for iOS and Android and connect to the printer via Bluetooth to print your photos. Perfect for on-the-go moments! Photos are printed on sticky-backed Zink paper, which uses tiny crystals that heat up to show colors instead of ink cartridges. The Sprocket Smartphone Printer is priced at $129.99.

  • Picture Keeper Connect

    This device plugs directly into the charger port of your phone or tablet for an easy way to backup your special moments. The Picture Keeper Connect is a portable, compact 16-Gb USB drive and can hold anywhere between 2,000 to 5,000 photos. It retails for $120.

  • Mophie Powerstation Mini

    Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, this external 2500 milliamper battery adds up to 12 hours of talk time, 9 hours of internet use, 44 hours of audio playback, and 11 hours of video playback. The four LED lights let you measure battery power, and it comes in a variety of colors. Priced at $59.99, this device is also compatible with digital cameras and USB-powered toothbrushes.

  • Insignia LED Video Light

    Retailing at $29.99, this device adds continuous lighting to your smartphone video or photos. The Insignia rechargeable high-output LED video light is compatible with any cell phone with a standard headphone jack. It consumes power from its own rechargeable battery and does not drain your phone battery. The included USB cable makes it easy to recharge.

  • Bracketron O2 Smartphone Vent Mount

    The O2 Vent Mount is an easy and effective way to mount your Smartphone or GPS in the car. It includes a cord clip to hold your charging cable in place. This mount will work with almost any smartphone with or without a case. This device is priced at $34.99.

  • OtterBox UniVERSE Case System

    Featuring a slotted rail under its removable accent plate, the OtterBox UniVERSE Case System allows you to securely attach and easily swap out modules like batteries, card readers, speakers, and more without removing your case. Expand your phone’s features for $49.95.

  • Wraps

    Wraps are durable and attractive headphones that have a light, spherical alloy housing that helps control sound and ensure the highest quality. These headphones come in three different styles, including classic braid, leather, and beaded. A universal one-button microphone allows you to play or pause a song or answer incoming calls. Wraps are priced between $21.99 and $64.99.

  • Bluetooth Beanie

    Forget about those pesky dangling wires! Sound disks and Bluetooth receivers are built right into the beanie for unbelievable sound quality to let you stream music from your portable device. Bluetooth Beanie comes with an easy to re-charge battery that lasts six to eight hours. This tightly knit beanie is sure to keep you toasty on a chilly day and is machine washable. Bluetooth Beanie is priced at $59.

  • Tile Mate

    Tile Mate allows you to locate your lost items by sound using Bluetooth Low Energy technology. Tile’s Bluetooth range is up to 100 feet, but is most effective at the 30-foot range, depending on the environment. If out of range, you can use Last Place Seen on the company’s website to see where it was last seen on the map. Designed to run a full year with zero upkeep, no battery replacement, or charging, this device is priced at $24.99 and is compatible with most iOS and Android smartphones. When it’s time for a new Tile, you’ll receive notifications about the reTile program.

  • Weego Jump Starter 44

    This incredibly versatile device, jump starts, charges, powers, and lights. Weego 44 jump starts any vehicle, car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or ATV with a gas engine up to 7 liters (diesel up to 3.5 liters). Detect-o-Matic USB charger automatically provides the fastest charge to your phones, tablets, and other portable devices. Priced at $149.99, the Weego 44 includes pre-charged battery pack, Smarty Clamps, wall and car chargers, hook and lanyard, water-resistant carrying case, owner’s manual, and quick start guide.

  • On Sight WiFi

    On Sight wireless WiFi farm products can broadcast internet signal up to 7 miles with a clear line of site. This signal can blanket an entire farm with WiFi for use with cell phones, tablets, and laptops, and can also be repeated inside a steel building for a strong internal WiFi zone. The basic WiFi Farm system includes two antennas, two mounts, 25 feet wire, and power adapters for $549.

  • On Sight Video Surveillance

    Whether it’s keeping up to date on calving progress, making sure chores are getting done, or ensuring your property is secure, the On Sight Video Surveillance system keeps you connected to what’s happening on the farm. Priced at $2,995, this kit includes the Power360 Camera, two antennas, two mounts, and a video recorder.

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