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360 Yield Center Highlights 6 New Products

At a recent open house in Morton, Illinois, 360 Yield Center highlighted six products it’s testing and hopes to eventually sell to farmers. The young company is already well known for 360 Y-DROP, released in 2014, and 360 YIELD SAVER, which was made available to farmers in 2017.

Farmer and founder Gregg Sauder opened the evening event by explaining his motivation to keep delivering innovative products. “How are we going to lower inputs and raise yields? That is my passion,” Sauder said.

Growers from around the Midwest gathered at the company’s headquarters to see and touch the newest ag technology from 360 Yield Center.

360 DASH

One of 360 Yield Center’s newest products, 360 DASH delivers precise placement of starter fertilizer and other in-furrow products. Instead of a steady stream of fertilizer, as the name implies, 360 DASH deposits just a dash of chemical right on the seed. By eliminating wasted product between seeds, farmers will be able to cut their starter costs by over 50%.

Attached to the planter, 360 DASH will begin alpha testing in the spring of 2018. The technology is projected to be available to farmers in the spring of 2019.


Another 360 Yield Center product will begin alpha testing in the spring of 2018. 360 SPRINT allows a second operator on a John Deere Gator to refill a planter with liquid nitrogen fertilizer on the go.

Because the planter is not stopping every 20 to 30 acres for refils, Gregg Sauder said farmers will see 30% more productivity out of their planters. By his calculations, each pit stop at the edge of the field costs 12 minutes of planting time. If a farmer makes 10 stops a day, that’s two hours of wasted time – time better spent planting up to 90 acres.

360 SPRINT also enables farmers to run with lighter loads in the planter, reducing center weight compaction.


Limited production of 360 TANKS is scheduled to begin spring 2018. These 700-gallon tractor-mounted liquid nitrogen tanks offer weight balance and capacity to select models of John Deere 8000R series tractors.

The tanks are designed with a low-profile to allow superior front and side visibility. The tractor’s side panels are still accessible for servicing when equipped with 360 TANKS.

The unique shape of the tanks, supported by a steel frame, provides compaction minimizing weight distribution without increasing transport width. The frame is a modular design to simplify shipping and installation. Compared to midmount tank options, the 360 TANKS mounted on the front of the tractor may offer greater accessibility.

Baffles, sumps, and rinse ports are built into the tank. An optional pump kit that includes a hydraulic pump, hoses, and pump mount is also available.



The company also plans to release limited production of 360 BANDIT spring 2018. This new solution from 360 Yield is designed to allow farmers to band nitrogen with their planter without disrupting other important planter functions. 360 BANDIT is attached to the planter, but separate from closing and depth control systems.

The attachment deposits nitrogen 1 inch below the soil surface, on both sides of the row, and 3 inches from the seed.

With the ability to work in a diverse range of soil conditions, including no-till and cover crops, the tool has application across the Corn Belt. At this time, 360 BANDIT can be used with John Deere row units, including high-speed systems. 360 Yield Center engineers continue to work on a product compatible with other planter makes and models.



A third product, 360 GUIDE is scheduled for limited production in the spring of 2018. The new solution is a guided steering system for self-propelled applicators designed to make steering in tall crops easier.

The guidance system that comes standard in applicator machines is designed to work best in bare ground and good A-B line situations. After quick installation, 360 Yield Center’s steering system works with the applicator’s existing system to stay in the middle of the row.

“The 360 System connects between GPS globe and the OEM controller. It takes the GPS position provided by the globe, adjusts it, and sends a correct position back to the steering controller,” 360 Yield Center explained in a press release.

To do this, 360 GUIDE intercepts the applicator’s GPS signal and corrects the latitude- and longitude-position-based data collected by two feeler wands and sensors. If the machine gets off course due to planting errors or changes in topography, this new product gets the applicator back on track.

360 GUIDE is compatible with John Deere R-Series, 4730, and 4830 applicators that have John Deere Autotrac. It may also be used with Hagie STS10 and STS16 applicators equipped with Raven SmarTrax steering system. The solution can be used for 20- to 38-inch rows.

To minimize risk of damage to the unit, it is equipped with a magnetic breakaway system. When installing 360 GUIDE, a mounting frame is attached to the front of the applicator.


Finally, the company announced a fourth product that is being prepared for spring 2018 limited production. The 360 GLIDE is a boom-height control system that can be used with the 360 Y-DROP system to ensure proper hose position and nitrogen placement. Current solutions may struggle to measure properly through the canopy or leaves, and are better suited for bare ground.

As the name suggests, a rod equipped with three sensors glides across field terrain communicating the position of the Y-DROP base to the applicator boom control. The rod is designed to flex and pivot to accommodate contours, turns, and backing up.

A breakaway feature protects the rod from rocks, washes, and gullies. When the base is hit by an obstruction, the system raises automatically, then quickly returns to the operating position.

360 GLIDE is currently designed for John Deere applicators that have the BoomTrac Pro Auto Boom Sensing System, and Hagie and Rogator applicators equipped with Norac Booth Height Control. More options are expected to be available in 2019.

The 360 GLIDE system works in conjunction with the existing control system, so no additional monitors are necessary.



To learn more about any of the products 360 Yield Center is testing, contact your local dealer. Additional information will be available on the website after more testing is complete.

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