8 Automation Innovations From Agritechnica

  • Agritechnica 2017

    A major theme at the 2017 Agritechnica is automation. Companies not only present technology that can be put to use today but also offer future possibilities. Following are five companies that have developed innovations that streamline processes across a farmer’s entire operation.

  • CEMOS Auto Threshing

    Introduced by Claas, this autonomous threshing system takes into account harvest conditions and then sets the drum speed and concave gap automatically to optimize harvest.

  • MARS

    Introduced by AGCO Fendt, MARS (Mobile Agricultural Robot Swarms) is the first commercially available, completely autonomous machine that can plant corn.

  • Sensosafe

    Developed by Pottinger, Sensosafe sensor bar, which is designed for mowers, identifies wildlife in a field through optical infrared sensors with integrated LED lights. If an animal is detected, the header’s hydraulic system receives a signal, and raises the unit.

  • Smart Turn

    This integral software solution, developed by Holmer Maschinenbau and Reichhardt Control Technology, automates the headland turn of a sugar beet harvester. This includes raising and lowering the lifter unit and actually turning the machine.

  • Section Control

    Based on GPS data, Kuhn’s electro-hydraulic control system automatically raises and lowers the plow in headlands to better manage crop residue and volunteer growth of crops.

  • Farmdok

    This software solution, designed for a smartphone or tablet, helps automate data collection in the field. Features include TaskPrediction, which helps plan the jobs that need to be completed, and WorkCognition, lets you track a machine’s activity.

  • Smart Crop

    Detecting crop damage with Agrocom Polska’s Smart Crop Damage Identification (SCDI) enables a more accurate and automated way to identify and calculate issues. SCDI uses 3D images collected by a drone. Those images are then combined with LiDAR laser data to automatically calculate damage.

  • Large Vehicle Alert System

    Forewarning drivers when ag machinery is on the roads they will travel is the idea behind this system from Claas. A machine’s location is sent via telematics or through the Claas app in near real-time, which enables drivers to decide if they want to stay on their current route or take an alternate route.

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