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AGRIServices of Brunswick now offers digital payments through Bushel

Bushel has announced AGRIServices of Brunswick (ASB) has added Bushel digital payments features to its mobile application and web page. 

Bushel is an independently owned software technology company that enables money movement between grain companies and their farmers in a paperless manner. Bushel launched in 2017, and provides service to nearly 2,000 grain facilities across North America through its suite of digital products.

ASB has added payments to its website and mobile app, allowing farmers to send and receive settlement funds and pay invoices electronically. Instead of waiting on a physical check, farmers will be able to have money automatically deposited into their accounts. 

“It was amazing to see how easy it was to set up a Wallet account,” says Mike Hainline, grain merchandiser at ASB. “This will really improve the way we transact with our farming customers and provide improved transparency to when and how we are paying each other. That will build trust long-term and really strengthen our relationships.”

Users are also able to view past activity, and keep a digital record of transactions. Farmers can register for a Bushel Wallet account quickly to get started accessing funds. 

Farmers can link up to six U.S.-based bank accounts for transfer purposes or immediately access their Bushel Wallet balance via a Visa Business Debit Card. 

To ensure financial security, Bushel Wallet uses a fully routable bank account that is FDIC insured. Bushel complies with SOC 2 standards and debit card transactions over PCI-certified networks.

For more information about Bushel’s services, visit

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