Agronomy Tip: Take Advantage of Technology

Dr. Megan Taylor, Extension Educator at University of Nebraska-Lincoln, recommends a variety of resources to help advance your knowledge and management of your operation:

  • Excel is a great way to track management decisions and record notes throughout the season.
  • With the increase of online trainings, there is greater access to various speakers, different experts, and new technologies. Research sessions online that you can attend this Winter.
  • Look into smartphone apps – new ones and existing ones that are receiving updates. Contact your agronomists, seed salesman, and local extension agronomist for recommendations in your region.
  • If you are interested in doing on-farm research to test products or management practices on your acres, check out Nebraska On-Farm Research Network ( This page can help you design replicated and randomized studies for your farm. Outside of Nebraska, you can check out on-farm research results from your region.
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