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Buyers’ Guide: Latest Tech Gadgets

The latest tech gadgets let you set up a personal firewall, conserve energy, and more.

Here One

Dubbed the headphone tech of tomorrow, Doppler Labs’ Here One earbuds let you control the way you hear the world due to onboard microphones and sound processors. These wireless three-in-one smart earbuds offer premium audio for music and phone calls, smart noise cancellation to tune out noise, and speech enhancement so you can hear better.

Cost: $299.99 includes earbuds and connected app
Where to find it:


Billions of connected devices are increasingly exposed to virtual threats. Traditional security solutions are outdated since cybercriminals create new ways to reach into your home every day. CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your connected home safe. From smartphones to laptops, CUJO secures all devices against hacks and web threats. An added bonus is that it lets you control what your kids access online to help keep them safe.

Cost: $249 includes free subscription
Where to find it:


goTenna is an antenna device that lets you text without needing Wi-Fi or cell service. It simply requires that you and a friend have the device and the app (free in the App Store and Google Play). Once you’re connected via Bluetooth, you can go off exploring without worry. If you lose service, you can still text through the goTenna app for up to 4 miles in the woods. If you’re in an urban area, the device’s antenna reach is 1 mile. It doesn’t just text; you can save offline maps on the app.

goTenna is water resistant and has a strap so you can attach it to anything. Choose from five colors: black, blue, green, orange, or purple.

Cost: $124 for two goTennas
Where to find it:

Belkin Conserve Socket

Many of the electronics and appliances around your home use electricity even when not in use, which means you’re wasting energy and driving up your electric bill. The Conserve Socket Power Timer automatically shuts off power, including standby power, to your electronics after a period of time that you select to help you save energy.

Cost: $9.99
Where to find it:


With this AI-powered pendant, you no longer have to pull out your smartphone to take notes. With a simple tap, Senstone lets you capture the things in your daily life that you don’t want to miss. It automatically converts your voice memos into text and organizes them for easy access. Once you stop dictating, it transcribes your speech into text.

All recordings and text notes are synced into the Cloud and stored on your smartphone. The Cloud software platform extracts keywords and to-dos, analyzes your speech patterns, and more so you can easily search through your notes later by words, location, time, hashtags, etc.

Cost: $145 plus shipping
Where to find it:

ePMP Bridge-in-a-Box

The ePMP Bridge-in-a-Box wireless ethernet bridge is an easy-to-deploy solution that provides 200 Mbps of high-speed connectivity in the unlicensed spectrum that spans up to 10 miles. The solution includes two ePMP Force 180 Subscriber Modules preconfigured and packaged together, enabling plug-and-play operation in almost all scenarios.

It provides data rates capable of supporting a variety of services like security camera feeds, Wi-Fi access points, or extension of the local area network. It also includes ePMP Quality of Service features and high interference resiliency to ensure superior link quality. The system operates in the unlicensed 5-GHz frequency band. Designed and packaged for easy installation, the ePMP Bridge-in-a-Box can provide remote access in a matter of hours with no trenching or permitting required.

“Many enterprises or home users have a need to extend connectivity,” says Sakid Ahmed, vice president of ePMP business for Cambium Networks. “The Bridge-in-a-Box makes it easy to install a link that can deliver up to 200 Mbps of throughput for video surveillance, data transfer, or Wi-Fi extension. With a quick-start guide that comes included with the field-proven ePMP Force 180 Subscriber Modules, people with little or no wireless networking experience will be able to extend connectivity right out of the box.”

Cost: $349
Where to find it:

X-Cap Rechargeable Lighted Hat

Rechargeable hat
This one-size-fits-most knit hat is designed to keep you warm while the four LEDs with 120 lumens of light help guide you in the dark. Simply push the light in to turn it on. Choose from three different intensity levels to get just the right amount of light.

The X-Cap’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for four hours on a full charge and easily charges via USB. When the light is in the hat, a cover over the USB port keeps it protected. When it’s time to wash your hat, simply pop the light out.

Cost: $25
Where to find it:

timberland Men’s ribbed-knit wool-blend gloves with touchscreen technology

touchscreen gloves
When you’re searching for a good pair of touchscreen gloves, finding the right combination of warmth, dexterity, and grip can be a challenge. The Timberland Ribbed-Knit Wool-Blend Gloves are a nice solution. These well-made gloves aren’t bulky, yet they offer the warmth needed in colder weather. Features include touchscreen-friendly fingertips and a textured palm for extra grip.

Cost: $26.99
Where to find it:

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