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Case IH purchases minority stake in soil data measurement company EarthOptics

CNH Industrial announced it has joined a group of firms and venture capital firms, purchasing a minority stake in EarthOptics, an ag tech startup. 

EarthOptics has developed sensor technology that is designed to precisely measure the health and structure of soil. Case IH’s partnership with the company is intended to accelerate the road map for development of autonomous tillage, to reduce the need for inputs, and help farmers implement sustainable farming practices. 

“Building on our sustainability promise, Case IH has taken an ecosystem approach partnering with an innovative young company and key industry leader to deliver breakthrough solutions for our farmers,” says Scott Harris, global brand president for Case IH.

EarthOptics’ sensors are able to take an accurate measure of carbon sequestered in the field at different points in time. This is to help farmers make informed decisions on their operation about their practices. This can potentially provide key data and validation for them to participate in the carbon credit market. 

This purchase will also enhance Case IH’s products. This technology is intended to help farmers till only where needed, accurately map soil carbon captured, improve routine soil fertility and health measures, and dramatically reduce costs. 

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