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Data-Driven Future

Sandy, clay, or loamy. Know what soil types exist within your fields with a soil data layer feature from FarmLogs.

The free online soil maps show color-coded, high-resolution soil texture zones overlaid onto satellite imagery of a field. This not only lets you see what soil types lie within your fields but also lets you observe its slope and print reports. You can then make better informed decisions about seed varieties, nutrient applications, prediction and treatment of wet spots, and more.

Because the data is generated from a public land survey, it requires no extra work on your part.

“We are incredibly excited that we get to lead the charge in putting such useful data into farmers’ hands,” says Jesse Vollmar, FarmLogs CEO and cofounder. “Understanding the makeup of your fields’ soils leads to better nutrient management, more soil and water conservation, and higher yields.”

Hands-free crop scouting
IntelliScout is the world’s first wearable application for precision agriculture. Designed for Google Glass, the app is completely customizable, and it functions as a stand-alone application or as an extension of a related third-party app, which means it can act as a plug-in to an existing application and sold by another company under a different brand.

The app can make a field note and take pictures, videos, or dictation. It can also review recent and archived data, share through a private cloud or Google Enterprise platforms, geo-tag content, pull real-time weather, and geo-reference map overlays of field data.

The cloud controller automatically backs up data and categorizes it according to your preferences.

Future features planned include image recognition of crop types, image recognition of select crop diseases, insects, genetic defects, and the ability to search content from a mapped cloud database.

The company continues to refine the design and is also collaborating with the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension on an on-board integrated library. It is also working with select crop scouting groups throughout the country.

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