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Management Software from Conservis

The latest software version from Conservis Corporation, a cloud-based farm-management software developer, incorporates an improved interface as well as a series of performance enhancements and updates. You can monitor yields in the field, track moisture levels, grain inventories, and customer deliveries minute by minute.

“Conservis 7.0 puts the ‘real’ in real-time,” says Pat Christie, Conservis CEO. “When even a small error can mean a difference of thousands of dollars, Conservis helps you keep more precise delivery records so you know what’s leaving the farm, when and where it went, and it can generate more accurate ownership reports. That translates into better traceability, higher profits, and fewer ownership issues.”

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the company also released LiveLink Bluetooth adaptor to sync grain cart scale, truck scale, and grain moisture tester data to your tablets and smartphones.

Wyoming, Illinois, farmer Frank Shafer likes what he sees. “I saw some additions in the new release that I was hoping for after last year. All of the screen shots for the mobile/tablet interface look good, as well,” Shafer says.

“We’ve taken what we’ve learned from the previous six generations of actual field experience and used that insight to look at every aspect of the system and refine it module by module and feature by feature,” Christie says. “The result is new capabilities that give you the need-to-know visibility into your operation that comes from real-time information.”

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