Women in Ag: Farm Websites

One of my jobs on our farm is to maintain our farm's website. I am by no means an expert on website building and maintenance, but I have the most experience with digital communications of anyone in my family, so I got the job.

Quite a few people have websites for their farms, but I would say there are still equally as many farms without a website. Are they necessary? No. Can they help your farm to achieve some of your goals? Absolutely. 
Some farmers make it a priority to connect with urban consumers to share their story about agriculture. Websites, of course, are a great way to do that. Our farm's website, however, has a completely different target audience. We use our website to share updates from our fields for the benefit of the landowners, information about various services our farm offers to potential customers, and stories from our farm for friends and family. 
As you can see, a website can play very different roles for your farm based on your own personal goals. Farmers are no strangers to the fact that technology is advancing at an impressive rate, and digital communications are just one way we can utilize technology to help us achieve our goals. If nothing else, I would encourage you to check out other farm websites to see what people are doing. You might learn a thing or two and maybe, just maybe, be inspired to create a website for your own farm!
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