Cool Gadgets at CES

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    Welcome to CES

    The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an electronics and technology trade show with many well-known companies and small start-ups. The annual show is located in Las Vegas, NV and this year we found some of our favorite gadgets you just might be purchasing in the future.

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    Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

    We all dread the day if our beloved pet gets lost and we are unable to find them. The Tagg GPS Pet Tracker allows you to monitor you pet from the smartphone app as well as their vital information with a small device on the pet’s collar.



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    Double Robotics

    Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once? This robot can be used with a table as you can control the robot and communicate with co-workers like you are actually there.

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    Bosch eBike

    Climbing that steep grade on a bike can be tiring, the Bosch eBike takes biking to a new level. The Bosch eBike system detects when there is resistance whether it may be a headwind or a hill, the system kicks in giving you the extra boost.

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    The Whitby School in Greenwich, CT in association with Makerbot brought 3D Printing to the classroom. The class was assigned to use their imaginations to create a replica of a nearby harbor.




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    Here are a pair of napkin holders in the process of being 3D printed by 3D systems. The machine works to apply layer by layer the plastic needed to create the model that was designed. The intricate process takes up to 12 hours to complete.

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    Smart Wheel

    With all the tech that’s in our vehicles it’s easy to become distracted. The SmartWheel works to keep you focused on the road by sensing that the driver has both hands on the wheel at all times.



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    The Elio

    You may see these cars on the road in the near future. The Elio car by Elio Motors has made a vehicle that gets 84 MPG and costs less than $7,000. That’s crazy, right? The engineers used simple physics and construction to reach this goal, and it’s even built right here in America.



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    Oomi Cube

    The Oomi Cube is a smart home device that can monitor your home, control the TV, and manipulate your electronics as well as security camera. The device learns and adapts to your preferences and controls your home. The smartphone app lets you mo

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    Smart Outlet

    An easy way to make your home turn into a smart home is with this Smart Outlet. Plug this device into any outlet and whatever you plug in you can control from a mobile phone. Also included is a handy USB charger port for your connecting devices.



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    The LOOP

    Earbuds have a annoying habit of tying themselves up in knots. The LOOP allows you to wind up your cables and unwind in a matter of seconds. The company is also releasing versions for larger cables like electrical cords, a perfect addition for the shop.


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    Mag Target

    This handy charger dock works by attaching your phone to the base with a magnet that also acts a charger. It takes 10 lbs. of pressure to detach so the fit is very secure. The port also works for data transferring as well since it plugs into the charger port on the phone.



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    Among the trends of smart devices, one that gets overlooked is the bicycle. The FlyKly Smart Wheel is device that can attaches to the rear bicycle spokes to give you an extra boost of power whenever you need it. It packs a 250-watt motor that assists up to 16 mph.



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    Ampl Smart Backpack

    We have so many devices these days, but no matter how advanced they become battery life is still a concern. The Smart Backpack allows you to charge up to 7 devices at time in a comfortable backpack.

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    eTape 16

    A digital upgrade to a design that has more or less been the same for years. The tool works the same has a traditional tape measure, but it gives you the exact reading on the display.


Check out some of the neat things we found at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, NV

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