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Affordable Remote Pivot Monitor Package From Lindsay

For little more than $299 you can rig any pivot make or model with a monitor that is accessible using a mobile device. Lindsay Corporation introduced its Pivot Watch device at the National Farm Machinery Show.

Powered by its own solar panel, the Pivot Watch can be readily strapped to the span pipe on any pivot. The device has integrated cellular connectivity, GPS positioning, and other embedded sensors, enabling growers to remotely “watch” or monitor their pivot’s functions, such as current position, status, direction, and speed, using the FieldNET app. Pivot Watch also gives farmers access to automatic irrigation scheduling recommendations through FieldNET Advisor.

“It is estimated that approximately 70% of pivots operating in North America today do not have remote monitoring capability,” notes Randy Wood of Lindsay. “Pivot Watch was designed with exactly those growers, and their challenges, in mind. It essentially brings remote irrigation monitoring to anyone who wants it.”

Pricing for Field Match starts at $299 USD, which includes the first year, monitor-only FieldNET subscription. After the first year, the subscription will cost $100 USD per year.

“For another $100, you can get a Pivot Watch with a pressure transducer which hooks on to an outlet on a pivot and reports on water pressure in the system,” says Reece Andrews of Lindsay. 

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