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Ag Leader expands its DirectCommand application product line with the addition of RightSpot

Ag Leader is expanding its DirectCommand lineup with the addition of RightSpot. The new product offers nozzle-by-nozzle sprayer control for consistent, effective coverage while adding a wider speed range, greater productivity, and increased accuracy.

“With input costs and regulations rising, farmers will need to take a closer look at their sprayer and application technology,” says John Howard, crop care product manager at Ag Leader. “Adding nozzle-by-nozzle control to their existing sprayer provides immediate financial and agronomic benefits. RightSpot is very precise at applying the right rate and pressure desired across varying speeds and field terrain. It means maximizing the effectiveness of inputs with the right droplet size and coverage to give the crop what it needs while minimizing wasted product and time.”

Managed through the InCommand 1200 display, RightSpot controls flow rate and pressure independently. Individual pulsing nozzles maintain a consistent, user-defined boom pressure across a wide range of speeds. The operator can speed up or slow down without sacrificing droplet size or coverage applied. Automatic shut-off at the nozzle allows the operator to complete the application on the most efficient path of travel vs. taking extra time to trace obstacles. In addition, turn compensation accounts for headlands, terraces, and curves to maintain consistent application rates on the inner and outer portions of the boom.

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