Agronomy Tip: Use Satellite or Drone Imagery to Validate or Explain Field Concerns

Paul Kassel, Field Agronomist with Iowa State University often receives questions over the winter months about why a crop didn’t yield as expected. This is where satellite imagery services or drones and cameras can be helpful.

“It’s impossible to walk the fields now, but if you enlisted the services of satellites, drones, or cameras, you could review some of those images from drone footage and it might explain something. A lot of times it is drainage or lack of drainage.”

Still, Kassel says, it can be useful, especially when it’s difficult to scout all of your fields. “Farmers are so busy with their own field work, machinery work, and everything else, and of course you can hire someone to do it, but satellite imagery is one way to protect you or confirm what you suspect and the severity of it as well.”

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