AMVAC and Corteva collaborate on SIMPAS Prescription Application Technology

SIMPAS allows farmers to prescriptively apply multiple at-plant solutions, say AMVAC officials.

American Vanguard Corporation has announced that its AMVAC Chemical Corporation has completed the first phase of a testing relationship with Corteva Agriscience regarding Corteva’s use of AMVAC’s proprietary SIMPAS prescriptive application equipment. 

SIMPAS allows farmers to prescriptively apply multiple at-plant solutions, according to AMVAC officials. The technology enabled Corteva Agriscience to precisely deliver inputs in replicated research trials in anticipation of commercialization of Corteva-brand SIMPAS-applied Solutions, say company officials. SIMPAS is designed to address targeted problem areas in fields with solutions that are applied to specific management zones rather than treating the entire field, say company officials. The announcement follows Corteva’s trial work with precommercial SIMPAS equipment in 2020.    
“Corteva Agriscience is one of the premier agriculture solution providers in the world, so it is gratifying that our proprietary SIMPAS platform has been recognized as a tool that can bolster Corteva’s R&D program,” said Eric Wintemute, AMVAC’s president and CEO, in a company news release. “The potential to make Corteva-brand SIMPAS-applied Solutions available to farmers is exciting, and it is consistent with our objective for SIMPAS users to have access to SIMPAS-applied Solutions from suppliers other than AMVAC. The opportunity to combine SIMPAS application technology with Corteva’s R&D capabilities will lead to sustainable new solutions that will make it easy for farmers to apply only what is prescribed, precisely where it is needed.”

“Our team is excited about the utility of the SIMPAS system, not only for our R&D field trial work within the Integrated Field Sciences team, but also as a potential delivery tool for Corteva solutions that boosts sustainability while adding value to the farmer’s bottom line,” said Alex Cochran, Corteva Agriscience’s global seed applied tech, insect-nematicide management and biologicals leader, in a company news release. “We are excited about this partnership and the potential to enable farmers to prescriptively apply crop protection and yield-enhancing inputs in a targeted manner to address only those areas of a field where the treatment is needed.”
SIMPAS will be available from Trimble dealers for corn planting in 2021. 

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